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Reportable Judgment of Supreme Court of India - From Jan 2013
Select Topics
2G Scam – Directions upheld
Abetment of suicide – Conviction upheld
Abetment of suicide – Cruelty - Conviction upheld
Abetment of Suicide or Dowry Death
Abetment to Suicide – Conviction by High Court upheld
Abkari – Conviction upheld
Abkari – Driver – Sentence reduced
Abolition of Inams – Occupancy Rights -
Acquittal – Refund of deposit
Administrative Law – Policy Decision
Administrative Tribunal – Jurisdiction
Adoption – Held valid
Adoption – Not Valid/accepted
Adverse Possession
Adverse Possession
Advocate – Public prosecutor is advocate
Advocate Act – Election of State Bar Council Chairman
Agreement to sell
Agricultural Land – Change of use
Agriculture Produce – Market Fees
Allotment cancelation
Ancestral property – Alienation by one coparcener
Ancient Monuments – Preservation
Anticipatory Bail – Atrocities – Not available
Anticipatory Bail – Condition set aside
Anticipatory Bail - Granted
Anticipatory Bail – Granted
Anticipatory Bail – Made absolute
Anticipatory Bail – Made absolute
Anticipatory Bail – Murder – Bail set aside
Apartment Act
Appeal – Merit less - Dismissed
Appeal – Meritless
Appeal – Sentence already served
Appeal against acquittal
Appeals – No merit - Dismissed
Arbitration – Agreement
Arbitration – Appointment of Arbitrator
Arbitration – Appointment of arbitrator
Arbitration – Appointment of arbitrator
Arbitration – Appointment of arbitrator – Criminal Case pending
Arbitration – Appointment of arbitrator – Jurisdiction limit
Arbitration – Appointment of Arbitrator – Right forfeited
Arbitration – Appointment of Arbitrator - Scope and ambit of the powers of the Chief Justice
Arbitration - Appointment of third arbitrator
Arbitration – Arbitral Dispute
Arbitration – Arbitral dispute

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